Water is precious... Catch every drop you can

About us


Territory Tanks and Plumbing offer a complete installation service. There is a growing resurgence of interest in rainwater harvesting by domestic and commercial property owners in the region thanks to Territory Tanks and Plumbing. This locally owned and operated business continually develops strategies for water harvesting. 

Rainwater Harvesting is certainly not new, in fact it dates back to early civilization. Although the process was almost lost in the age of inexpensive and readily available municipal water supplies, this ancient technique has become increasingly popular again due in no small part to increased awareness of the very real need for water conservation, and the increased restrictions and cost of water. 

By adapting and integrating strategies developed over the years, Territory Tanks and Plumbing is able to meet every need. While the principles remain constant, the strategies used to achieve them vary with each unique site.

Our team brings experience, skill and passion about water conservation to every project.

Our clients appreciate our no-nonsense approach, practical advice and expertise in tailoring the right environmental solutions to suit client needs and budgets.